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Mobile homes : an easy , durable and forgotten solution

The problem

Considering the difficulty that most families in the USA have to find a good and affordable house in the present times, we consider Mobile Homes, a very good solution to this problem.

In recent years the cost of housing has increased, this is a problem that grows day by day in our country, therefore it is necessary to propose housing solutions according to this situation, therefore mobile homes become our goal.

The mobile homes market is very wide, which offers low costs, however, it is very common that these low housing costs are also accompanied by a great deterioration of these, making this market unattractive, however, the cost of new traditional mobile homes is increasing every day, to the point that the current cost of these with respect to their same cost in 2021 has increased about 45%.

The Solution

We have designed and planned a method under which we can, through modules, expand and generate new spaces for existing mobile homes, with which, we can not only say that we can recover and improve a deteriorated home, but also, expand and adapt it to the needs of each family and person.

Time is money and, according to our experience, it is necessary to propose practical and efficient solutions, therefore, our system is designed to be built at a reasonable cost and installed in the shortest possible time..

We create platforms in metal elements with a standard dimension of 5 x 5 feet, which can be connected together to form a larger platform on which a new space for your home will be created.

A common problem of this type of houses is the way in which their foundations become irregular over time, the reason for this is that these houses have practically no real foundation elements, so we propose concrete elements that are supported within the ground and on top of which metal extensions are installed to support the platforms.

After the above, the construction process is very simple, we will use the traditional wooden frames to compose the structure of walls and roofs of our house, this guarantees a low cost, however, from this point, our approach is to use quality materials, low cost, but that, based on our experience in design, together can constitute a unique and attractive design element, both outside and inside.

Through a sustainable design developed from variables such as climate and the use of energy resources, we will implement systems such as solar panels, water reuse and thermal comfort in the interior without the need to constantly use additional high-cost systems.

1- Concrete foundation
2- Metal Extension
3- Modular platform
4- Floor underlayment
5- frame structure (Walls)
6- Roof Structure

Our "Click" system avoids additional work to join panels, saving time and money.

Carriage Cove Residence


Mobile home built in 1997 with significant deterioration, however, it does not have significant structural damage and it is feasible to carry out a total intervention.

We designed a total modification of the house, in which we completely transformed the internal spaces in order to generate more comfortable areas, additionally, using our idea of modules, we incorporated two modules into this house in order to expand the living room and the master bedroom.

In the end, the cost of this intervention was reasonable, additionally, the home appreciated significantly, despite this, its price remained below the average cost of this type of new home but with a smaller size, all this intervention was specifically designed for a family, their daily activities and tastes were taken into account, elements that were incorporated into the design.

If you want more information or details about this project, please, contact us.

Tuskawilla Residence


Mobile home built in 1998 with no damages , however, the structure is in good condition, this house has great spaces and a wonderful enviroment.

Work in progress...